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Which Sensory Toy is right for my child?

December 13, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

Which Sensory Toy is right for my child

When it comes to sensory toys there is no one-size-fits-all. Some children prefer toys that they can pull and stretch and release anxiety related muscle tension. Some prefer to fiddle with switches, toggles and tangles that stop them physically fidgeting or being restless. Some prefer textures to rub between two fingers to calm and soothe. Some like to have soft material against their face to make them secure and comforted. There are just so many options for a sensory toy, so how do you choose the best one for your child?

Choosing the best sensory toy for children

The best suggestion is really to look at behaviour and assess when a sensory toy would be needed, in which situation and what is a practical solution for these instances.

Once you have an understanding of the behaviour it is then possible to look at the practical options and which sensory toys are on the market.

Now it would be easy here for us to say “oh you need Hairy Hugger… or Sensory Worm… or Sensory Snake” but this is not necessarily correct as there are many sensory toys that are important to consider. However, with Hairy Hugger, Sensory Worm and Sensory Snake you have three very different sensory toysthat we know will help an array of diagnoses.

Toys that fulfil many sensory needs

Hairy Hugger with his weighted arms, fluffy fur and soft textured ears offers a solution to a multitude of sensory needs. The weighted arms are there for hugging, creating an instantly calming and secure sensation. The fluffy fur is a fantastic texture for having close to the face or rubbing against and the ears are great for fiddling.

Sensory Worm as a weighted toy is like a protective arm round the shoulder to encourage security. As a sensory toy the weight and the soft material provides calm and soothes. Great at night-time.

The Sensory Worm is a helpful support for your child and easy to bring with going to doctors’ appointments, in public transportation or even in the class room.

Sensory Snake however is the answer to your hyperactive child. It is designed to exhaust a child through play and then once tired becomes a soothing companion as a sleep aid. Heavily weighted and soft to touch the Sensory Snake provides a solution to behaviours other sensory toys don’t.

The Snake is great for use after school time coming home and transitioning from a highly stimulation environment. Your child can wrap themselves and snuggle into the weight.

Bedtime is another difficult daily routine. Where the Snake can help your child to a less difficult transition. The weight helps falling a sleep faster and often gives a calmer nights sleep.

We are confident in our toys because they are versatile and enduring and as a child grows the toys will provide different solutions. We believe you will love them too.

If you think one of our toys may help your child and you’d like to know more before buying, then please get in touch and ask us here

If you have decided that one of our sensory toys is a must have then please click here.


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