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How Sensory Snake can make your bedtime routine a little easier

December 13, 2022 2 min read 0 Comments

How Sensory Snake can make your bedtime routine a little easier

Picture the scene…Tonight, I’m going to have an early dinner, put my feet up with a hot chocolate and relax in front of the latest series Netflix has to offer. Great. Except…. that is never going happen is it.

For many parents and carers, the evening is the opposite of relaxing and best laid plans are destined to fail. It isn’t through anyone’s fault. Just circumstances.

They need Sensory Snake, the durable, weighted playmate to exhaust, calm and soothe the most resistant child.

The bedtime routine for an anxious child is not easy

For many children, the bedtime routine is relatively straightforward; with a little bit of tv or playtime, dinner, bath, clean teeth, pyjamas, bedtime story and lights out. Yes, there will be the occasional restless over-excited evening or illness, but in the main the process works well and the child self-soothes to sleep within the desired period.

For others, this is certainly not straightforward and the transition between the daytime routine to night-time is a source of stress, anxiety, restlessness, hyperactivity and insecurity. The cause of which differs from child to child, but this is the one time during the day when a child is effectively left on their own, in their own room, for a long period of time. Why wouldn’t this cause anxiety and insecurity.

Sensory Snake helps with the stresses of transition phases

Unlike other stressful transition phases, such as getting ready for school or nursery and going out, the night-time requires the child to wind down and feel comfortable to fall asleep in a darkened room, alone. The hope is they are exhausted and naturally sleepy. But what if they are not? What if they are hyperactive and physically demanding.

They need Sensory Snake, the playmate.

Sensory Snake provides a playmate who can be pulled, jumped on, clambered over and treated very physically. The Sensory Snake is a weighted toy designed with a hyperactive child in mind to use up the last wave of energy through physical play. You can read more about physical play with Sensory Snake here.

Sensory Snake hugs to sleep

Cuddly toys traditionally keep company and are soft to touch but some children need more comfort. Sensory blankets provide a distraction and sensory focus but can lack security of a hugging toy. So, after being thrown about as a playmate, Sensory Snake changes to a sensory cuddly toy with a difference.

Sensory Snake is just that, snaking around the body to provide a wrap of weighted comfort, from the crook of the neck down the body, sending your child to sleep.

If you think Sensory Snake may help your child and you’d like to know more before buying, then please get in touch and ask us here

If you have decided that Sensory Snake is a must have then please click here.

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