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Sensory Worm - Green

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Sensory Worm is a naturally soft hug. With a pure 100% Organic Cotton body, gently soothing for delicate skins, and filled with Organic Buckwheat hulls, wonderfully weighted to wind around shoulders and limbs, and slither and soothe day or night.

Softly providing moments of gentle soothing, the Worm gently quietens the wriggle of worldly worries, anxieties and tension, calmly encouraging a landing into a place of soft stillness.

The short, perfectly weighted body of the Worm allows for many ways to have a soft hug, including wriggled and wrapped around the shoulders and body, and is easy to nestle into a bag for travelling, learning and resting with the Worm.

A soothing weighted creature for nighttime hugs, the Worm can gently rest on backs, hips and knees to support deep dozing and outrageously better sleep.

A soft friend, for moments of serious calm.

Worm Dimensions: 1.1m long

Weight: A calming 2.5kg

Outer: Organic Cotton

Inner: Organic Buckwheat Hulls provide the reassuringly weighted hug of our Worm, alongside being a wonderfully anti-bacterial, natural and chemical and house dust mite free filler.

Care: Even worms like a wash from time to time. Gently remove the weighted organic buckwheat bags from inside your wrapping worm, and wash the organic fabric outer on a delicate cycle, and line dry.

CE Toy Regulations Safety

Recommended for ages 5 - 12 years

Suitable for anxiety disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, difficulty with concentration.

Not all kids will experience every benefit, but the potential positive effects include:

 Improve focus & attention

 Calms symptoms of anxiety

 Calms physical movement

 Better sleep

General sense of calm

 Toxin free materials

 100% Organic Buckwheat husk filling

 Antibacterial, Chemical &

      Dust Mite free filling

 CE toy regulations safety

 Handmade in Denmark


How can deep pressure therapy help my child ?

The Weighted Toy Worm applies deep pressure stimulation and can help increase calmness and decrease the feelings of anxiety.