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Sensory Worm - Light Blue

Light Blue

SENSORY WORM - a sensory calming toy

The Sensory Worm is a calming, weighted sensory toy designed to help children when overwhelmed or anx­ious.

How this toy will help your child to calm down and self-regulate
Often children with autism, ADHD, or other special needs will need help regulating their emotions. The Sensory Worm is designed to apply calming deep pressure on the shoulders or on the lap. This way the Worm will help your child to calm down, be comforted and regain focus.

The Sensory Worm is a great alternative to a weighted lap pad or shoulder wrap, as he can be lying on the lap or around the neck. 

Easy to bring along
Leaving the house, the Sensory worm is easy to bring along to support the child in stressful situations. The short, weighted Worm can easily be wrapped around the shoulders.

Supports a better sleep
At bedtime the Sensory Worm can provide moments of gentle soothing. Let him rest on backs, hips and knees, this way the Worm gently quietens the busy mind and supports a better sleep.

Suitable for children challenged by:  
Autism, ADHD, anxiety, Asperger’s syndrome, difficulty with concentration, difficulty falling asleep, physical restlessness and physical movement.

Recommended age: 5 - 12 years


Positive effects of sensory toys are:

 Improve focus & attention

 Calms symptoms of anxiety

 Calms physical movement

 Better sleep

General sense of calm

 Toxin free materials

 100% Organic Buckwheat husk filling

 Antibacterial, Chemical & Dust Mite free filling

 CE toy regulations safety

Product information

Worm Dimensions: 1.1m long
Weight: 2.5kg

Outer material: Organic Cotton
Inner material: Organic Buckwheat Hulls 

Wash & care: Even worms like a wash from time to time. Gently remove the weighted organic buckwheat bags from inside your wrapping worm and wash the organic fabric outer on a delicate cycle, and line dry.

Safety: CE Toy Regulations Safety

How deep pressure therapy can help your child 

The Weighted Sensory Worm applies deep pressure stimulation and help increase calmness and decrease the feelings of anxiety.

Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) is firm but gentle squeezing, hugs, or holding that relaxes the nervous system. This pressure can be applied with the hands, special massage tools, or products that your child can wear or wrap around themselves to provide pressure.

This therapy can trigger a chain reaction in the body that releases an overall sense of calm and peace.