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Wrapping Worm


How can deep pressure therapy help my child ?

The Weighted Toy Worm applies deep pressure stimulation and can help increase calmness and decrease the feelings of anxiety.

Not all kids will experience every benefit, but the potential positiv effects include:

 Improve focus & attention

 Calms symptoms of anxiety

 Calms physical movement

 Better sleep

General sense of calm

 Toxi free materials

 100% Organic Buckwheat husk filling

 Antibacterial, Chemical &

      Dust Mite free filling

 CE toy regulations safety

 Handmade in Denmark

Most of us have a sense of our position and our body movements. We are able to process the stimuli that tell us these things about our own bodies. However, children with sensory processing disorders are challenged when it comes to their proprioceptive abilities. This is why they seek out behaviors to provide them with sensory feedback, such as rocking back and forth, spinning, running, chewing, or jumping. Weighted therapy helps calm this need for “sensory seeking.”

Weighted therapy is endorsed by pediatricians and clinical therapists who work with children who have autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, and other sensory processing disorders.

We use organic buckwheat husks as the filling in all our weighted toys. It gives them a very characteristic handfeel and weight, that can stimulate and encourage calmness. 

Our weighted toys are filled with organic buckwheat husks to give your child’s fingers something to play with and a handfeel that enhances calmness.