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Crunchy animal Raccoon


An alternative fidget toy with hidden shapes.

Great for the younger child aged 3-7, especial for developing their fine motor skills & calming physical movement.

The crunchy animals are stuffed with 100% organic buckwheat husks and a sprinkle of lavender flowers, that releases a subtle calming aroma and an amazing tactile hand-feel. Different shapes are hiding inside his body, the raccoon has a wooden ring with a soft wool ball and the Giraffe has a wooden ball. Busy fingers will naturally search their way through the crunchy husk and practice their fine motor skills, when searching for the shapes.

Not all kids will experience every benefit, but the potential positive effects include:

 Improve focus

 Calms symptoms of anxiety

 Calms physical movement

 Increases attention

 Toxic-free materials

 100% Organic Buckwheat husk filling

 Antibacterial, Chemical &

      Dust Mite free filling

 CE toy regulations safety

 Handmade in Denmark

We use organic buckwheat husks as the filling for all our toys. It gives them a very characteristic hand feel that will keep your child’s busy fingers engaged and will encourage feelings of focus and calmness.

Simply squeezing the toy and feeling the buckwheat husks move around under the stretchy cotton surface provides a calming sensation. It can be a huge help when your child is trying to overcome overwhelming situations, during short or long travels, or at bedtime, especially for children challenged by ADHD, autism, and anxiety.

According to Professor of Computational Media, University of California, Santa Cruz, Katherine Isbister and her amazing, fidget widget project, fidget toys can be very helpful to children with attention or anxiety issues helping them to stay focused and calm in the classroom.

The findings of this project align with our experience of how fidget toys can be helpful for children challenged by these disorders.

If you want to learn more about fidget toys in general and how they work, read this amazing article Fidget toys aren’t just hype by Katherine Isbister.